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It was good, just not as great as I'd hoped for.

Red Hill - Jamie McGuire

I am a big fan of Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster books and was very excited to see her tackle a zombie apocalypse story.



What did I think??

Well, I wasn't exactly glued to the pages and it didn't really bring anything I hadn't already seen from zombie stories/movies (though there was one particularly surprising death).

That's not to say I didn't like it. I did.  But some of it seemed... rushed.

That may not be the right word actually...

Major things would just happen out of nowhere.

It's likely the author was going for realism and/or shock value with this. A zombie apocalypse WOULD be chaotic, and major events WOULD occur abruptly and without warning, but I found myself thinking more than once that I must have accidentally skipped a page somewhere (and I hadn't).


Something else that bothered me:

"It just started," I said quietly, putting my phone in the cup holder. "I can still get to them." I tossed my phone into my purse, gripped the steering wheel with one hand, and shoved the gear into reverse with the other.

There were a few  other small edits needed like this that were missed which I didn't  expect from such a well known author.


And of course, personal mood of the reader will greatly affect the perception of a story and this may not have been the best choice of read for me at this time. I may have found it riveting or not been bothered by the little things if I had read it a week ago or a week from know how that goes. 

The book was good, but not great for me and, since I was expecting great, I probably am being kind of hard on it. 

If you've never read a zombie story this would be a good place to start and if you've read a lot of zombie stories, it will look pretty familiar to you but it is still a good story and worth a read.